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Our alumni have accomplished some amazing things and continue to improve themselves and their community around them. Read some of their inspirational stories!

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Karen Webster

After many years of working in the financial services field, in 2005 I retired from my Chief Operations Officer position at CEFCU so my husband and I could pursue our long-time dream of relocating to the “Valley of the Sun” Phoenix area foothills. The beautiful desert, wildlife, and triple digit temperatures always appealed to us,  [ more ]

Molly Bragg

Talking Up a Storm About Old Stuff By Catharine Schaidle EAST PEORIA — On a snowy, frigid day in February, Bruce Mitchell of Bloomington drove around the Illinois Central College East Peoria campus looking for the lady in charge of “New Things Thursday.” For the past couple of months, Bruce had been browsing the ICC  [ more ]

Brian Moore

I started my first ICC class as a senior in high school for dual credit. I originally planned to attend a university after graduation, but couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with my life. So I decided rather than attending a 4 year college where a single class can cost thousands of dollars,  [ more ]

LeAnne K. Timmerman – Moritz

I made the decision to attend ICC immediately following high school.  In fact, I was so excited to get started that I began summer classes within two weeks after graduation.  That decision was made 27 years ago, and now my own children will soon be making their own college choices.  Back then, I was looking  [ more ]

Jeremie Draper

Glass is dance in still life. Capturing this moment of vitality, an instant of inspiration and epiphany, then marrying it to the delicate skill of blowing glass, results in a still piece—though somehow fluid and moving. Since I learned to hand blow glass, I have been enthralled by the amorphous nature of the medium, which  [ more ]

Kent Powell, MD

There is a place in New Hampshire, only minutes off of Interstate 89.  It is a small town of just over 14,000 residents, and lies East of the Connecticut River.  The locals named it Lebanon in the late 1700’s, and after the old mill plant closed, Lebanon turned its profits to education and medical services.  [ more ]

Illinois Central College welcomes back Alecia McClain

By ICC Student Intern, Ben Lainhart For painters, poets, and musicians in search of inspiration, no place in the world is as sought after as Paris, France. This ancient city is the home of such well known landmarks as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Moulin Rouge, and the Louvre Museum. The Louvre itself has  [ more ]

Tabatha Dragonberry

Like most people, I once found myself to be in the proverbial “fork in the road” in my career path.  I was raised in Florida and graduated with a degree in film and video production. I proceeded to move to New York City, where I worked at a major editing company in Times Square. Like  [ more ]

Christopher S. McCall

I attended Illinois Central College, (ICC) because I was fortunate enough to receive a two year scholarship in middle school.  I accepted the scholarship with mild reservations, although I was extremely grateful.  Like other students, I was hopeful of the prospects of attending a four year college away from home.  My reservations increased as I  [ more ]

Amanda Williams-Pyle

After 19 years in the restaurant industry, I have finally decided to indulge my passion for cooking by starting my own personal chef service. My love for food became clear to me with my first job at age 16 at McDonald’s in Bartonville, Illinois. It was early on that I found that I had rhythm  [ more ]